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Remote Learning

Homeschool Resources

I can help you create transcripts, fashion a resume that will highlight your homeschool experience, develop an action plan beginning freshman year, and direct you to local resources to enhance your homeschool experience.

Transcript Support

Need help building that transcript?  I have free resources that enable homeschool parents to quickly and easily create transcripts online.

How to Homeschool Today Transcripts


Computer Software Guidance

Dual Enrollment

With Dual Enrollment, students can complete college credits (sometimes years of credits) during high school in person at a local college or online, saving thousands on tuition while receiving high school credits.

Homeschooling for College Credit

Randall University Concurrent Enrollment

Students Chatting

Local Resources

Oklahoma has one of the best homeschool networks in the nation! I can help you find local classes and co-ops, extracurriculars, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Volunteers Packing Food

Resume & Essay Help

Your homeschool experience automatically makes your schooling experience different from those of your peers.  Learn how to draw from your experiences to craft the perfect essay and to create the perfect resume.

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