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The Guarantee

Please read the guarantee conditions carefully.  There are requirements ACT +4 students must meet in order to be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

Measuring score improvement


  • You will submit your highest official Composite score from ACT prior to the first class date, OR

  • If you have not taken the ACT, you can elect to take a practice test through Heritage to set your baseline score.  This test must be taken before the first scheduled class.  

The ACT® Essentials Guarantee:

If your ACT official score after any course does not increase by at least 2 points, you are eligible to retake the class free of charge.


The ACT® +4 Guarantee:

If your ACT official score after the ACT® +4 course does not increase from your starting score by 4 or more points* AND you meet all of the requirements** listed below, we will refund the class cost according to the table below:














If a student enrolled using a coupon code, the amount of the coupon will be deducted from the money-back amount.  For instance, if a student booked using a $50 off coupon and was eligible for $423 cash back, the student would receive $373 back ($423 - $50 = $373).

If a student enrolled in a live online class, deduct $95 from each of the above amounts to calculate the refund amount (e.g. $750 instead of $845).

*For students who start with a score of 31 or above, the maximum guaranteed score is 34.5.

**Student Requirements:

  • Students must have a starting score of at least 20.

  • Students must attend all scheduled class sessions.

  • Students must not be disruptive to other students in class.

  • Students must complete all required practice tests and homework.

  • Students must take the official ACT exam within 90 days of completing the course.

  • If the ACT is taken before April of the student's senior year, the student must attempt one more ACT - the cost of ACT registration will be paid by Heritage College Prep.

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